Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review


I have tried butt-loads of mascaras ranging from mostly drugstore to high end. I picked up a trial size of Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara during my last Sephora visit. For its price it’s nothing fantastic. I will give it major props for staying soft even after multiple coats. I never have that experience. It doesn’t totally live up to its claims. My lashes aren’t necessarily¬† bigger, badder, or blacker – which is my ultimate maraca goal, by the way. My lashes are straight, but long. Which means I need a curling, volumizing, and thickening mascara that will last all day. I know, it’s a lot to ask, but can’t a girl dream? I give this mascara a “B” because it wasn’t bad, in fact I generally liked it, but it’s price is too high for an averagely performing mascara.

The wand is great, it’s the type that separates and applies evenly.


Brand: Urban Decay

Price: $22.00

Color: Black

Grade: B

Give it a try yourself and let me know what you think of it! I’m not sure if I’m willing to shell out 22 bucks each time I need a new mascara.



The Balm Cosmetics Nude ‘Tude Palette Review

My taste in eyeshadow is strictly tailored towards neutrals. So, when I see a new neutral palette that catches my eye I just have to buy it. I hadn’t heard much of the Balm cosmetics before I received a sample of their highlighting powder in my Birchbox. I was thoroughly impressed and figured the same would happen with the eyeshadow. The palette is only $36.00 and when you subscribe to their email list you’ll be sent a coupon for 10% off, making the palette only $32.00. I consider that a great deal compared to the Naked palettes that ring in at a whopping $54.00. You can buy the palette here. It comes in two versions, Naughty and Nice, and they are identical except for the inside packaging.


Here it is in comparison to the Naked 2 palette.


And some swatches…


The color payoff is excellent and there is minimal to no fall out. I love each of the shades, but my favorite is selfish. I can get many versatile looks out of this palette. Dare I say I use it even more than my Naked 2 palette? There are many options for day time and night time looks. There is also a great mixture of mattes and shimmers.


Price: $36.00 ($32.00 with coupon)

Brand: the Balm cosmetics

Colors: Neutrals/Nudes

Grade: A

Let me know what you think of it and if you have any great looks to share!


DIY Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner


This is the recipe that I use to quickly clean my brushes. It is important to take proper care of your brushes, especially because of the bacteria that will grow. I know I want my brushes to last me a long time! All I do is pour a small amount onto some paper towel and wipe off my brush heads each day. That way you start over with clean brushes!


70% Isopropyl alcohol – 2 Tbsp.
Water – 1 Tbsp.

It’s that simple! If you want, you can add scented oils so you eliminate the alcohol smell.