PocketDerm – First Month

I mentioned in my GinZing moisturizer review that I’ve been struggling with my special skin. Rosacea, oil, dehydration, annnnddd acne! I first got some very moderate acne when I was about 14. I was prescribed 2 topical treatments that gave me great results. My skin was clear until this year. Now my acne is much worse and has yet to respond to any treatment. I’ve tried topical and oral treatments. Dermatologists were saying my next step was Accutane, which I really didn’t want to take. I saw a YouTuber talking about PocketDerm and decided to check them out. PocketDerm will send you a custom topical acne treatment based on the pictures you send them.

At first I followed the website’s advice to apply the medicine over my moisturizer because I have such sensitive skin – I saw no results for about 4 weeks. One night I accidentally skipped moisturizer and applied the treatment directly to my face. The next morning I saw an immediate difference. I haven’t noticed anymore drastic changes, but I think I am slowly making progress. The acne medicine can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to fully take effect. I’m eagerly awaiting those weeks with high hopes I can have my skin back.

If you have tried everything and are losing hope I strongly encourage you to check them out. They give you a 90 – day money back guarantee. That gives you plenty of time to determine if the program actually works for you.

If you sign up here you get your first month free!