Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation and Super Matte Loose Powder Review


I was originally drawn to this foundation because of its matte, velvety finish. I was surprised that a foundation actually lived up to its name! When I bought this foundation, I was on the hunt for a very matte finish because of my oily skin. Flash forward 2 years and I no longer solely search for a matte finish. I learned a lot about my skin and also realized that the finish of my foundation didn’t necessarily contribute to longevity. Now I focus on how a foundation wears rather than how fast it sets.

I also tried out MUFE’s Super Matte Loose powder. It costs $29.00 and comes in 3 shades. I picked the shade Translucent Natural # 12. This powder wasn’t anything special, it did instantly mattify but it didn’t help me stay matte. It didn’t help with any staying power or longevity of my foundation. The powder also isn’t very finely milled, which can make you look cakey. There are many better powders on the market than this one.

IMG_8963IMG_89644 hours is usually how long I can keep a matte face, after that I need to blot and powder. For those 4 hours my face was completely matte with MUFE Mat Velvet +. After 4 hours I needed to blot. I continued on for another few hours(usually I don’t wear foundation too long). I never experienced any fading or patchy foundation with this, which is something else I have to look for in a foundation.IMG_8958

The packaging is nice and because the foundation is thicker it comes in a squeeze bottle. I prefer a pump (although who doesn’t?) because I can measure how much I need to use. I usually apply it with my beauty blender to get a flawless finish. If you do have dry patches it will definitely cling to them! I will have dry patches on some acne spots and they will stick out. The foundation actually doesn’t dry too fast and is easy to work with. There are 21 shades listed on Sephora and there seems to be good options for both light and dark shades. My shade is # 30 (Porcelain) which is described for “medium skin with beige undertones.” I’m as white as paper and am surprised I’m not in the lightest shade available. The coverage is medium-full and it is build-able. I usually wouldn’t need concealer and if something needed concealing I would go back in with more foundation.

Overall, if you’re oily skinned I think you would really enjoy this foundation. If you lean towards more combo dry/oily I think that there are better options out there for you. It retails for $38.00 and will last you a long time. I would recommend getting color matched before buying though because the shade descriptions are a little misleading.

Let me know if any of you have tried it!